Losing weight is a walk in The Enchanted Park

It's all about the rhododendrons folks!
It’s all about the rhododendrons folks!

The primary reason I started doing long walks was to lose weight and I did lose a lot, more than four and a half stone. Unfortunately being at home for three months along with Christmas means I’ve put on mumble, mumble, mumble despite masses of walking when I was unemployed. This just goes to show walking alone is not the magic cure for weight loss. It is a great big tool in the weight loss bag of tricks though and I’m on the case of getting those extra pounds back off again. Continue reading

Another LeJog milestone and a walk in the park

photo by Michael Magga
photo by Michael Magga

Yesterday evening I got another virtual postcard from the landsendtojohnogroats2014 people to tell me I was in Bath at Pulteney Bridge. The famous bridge crosses the River Avon, connecting the city with the village of Bathwick. Designed by Robert Adam it was built in 1774 and is one of only four bridges in the world to have shops across its full span on both sides. It’s a short fat bridge, just 148 feet long but 58 feet wide, which kind of endears me to it and below it there is a weir. All in all it sounds like my kind of bridge. Still, with the measly 2.28 miles I managed to fit in yesterday in the rain I must have left it behind me now and marched into the second hundred of my LeJog miles with 100.1 in total and that is without today’s walk. Continue reading

Rainday – why take a straight boring path when you can take a long meandering one?

Perhaps they should call it Rainday
Perhaps they should call it Easter Rainday

Easter Sunday and I’m thinking someone should be contacting the Trades Descriptions people about that name because, as far as I could tell, there was no sun involved at all. In fact it was all about thick grey cloud and rain. A walk up the Big Hill to Sainsbury’s proved fruitless because Sainsbury’s was shut when Mini Commando and I got there. In the end we carried on the extra mile to Tesco Express which was at least open. It didn’t have all the things I needed and the huge petrol tanker outside filling the pumps made me nervous but I got enough to make the pasta I’d planned. We walked back through Hum Hole in the rain. Continue reading

Saturday service and a wander around Lakeside and the steam railway

A chilly start this morning
A chilly start this morning

So today was my first Saturday at work. Turns out it wasn’t too bad apart from a very chilly walk over the bridge and along the water to the office. Actually I think I may have passed an elderly Denis the Menace and his dog Masher as I walked towards the boardwalk, which did put a smile on my face. I always wondered what became of him. There was a train under Horsehoe Bridge as I approached. I waited for it to speed past me but it didn’t move, by the time I got to the other end of the boardwalk it was still there in the same place and I wondered what the passengers thought to be overtaken by a succession of pedestrians. Continue reading

Good Friday Easter Bunny delivery

First thing the sky was blue over the water
First thing the sky was blue over the water

Last night we had a bit an of after hours working party at my office. Everyone stayed late to try to catch upon the email mountain and Jess ordered in pizza to reward us. There were even goodie bags, just like a real party, packed with branded pens and sweets and things. The phones went off at five thirty, not that you’d have noticed the difference, they don’t ring all that much. Considering we were being paid it was almost fun. Continue reading

January 2010 – snow!

Incriminating pile of wrappers
Incriminating pile of wrappers

It was back to reality after the Christmas break with a few less food temptations around but the snow began to fall, putting paid to any exercise opportunities. You win some, you lose some. Continue reading

Squeezing in a few extra miles


Going back to work was always going to play havoc with the miles for the hundred miles a month, not to mention the Land’s End to John O’Groats and Coastal virtual walks. Even so, I’m managing to squeeze a few in between all that working. Most of them are along the river so I guess I can’t complain, there are worse walks to and from work. As a bonus, for the last few days the sun has been shining. Continue reading

Allbrook or Eastleigh, decisions, decisions

Under the motorway bridge, cars whizzing past unaware of the river below
Under the motorway bridge, cars whizzing past unaware of the river below

So, where was I? Ah yes, dithering by Mansbridge Lock wondering whether to continue or turn back after learning there was a tree across the path at Withymead. In the end, still in two minds if I should attempt to get to Allbrook or not, I decided to keep going forward for the time being. If nothing else I would know for sure what the path between Mansbridge and Eastleigh was like and there was plenty of time between here and there to make up my mind how far to go. Continue reading

Manchester to Mansbridge what a difference a week makes

Not quite the walk I'd originally planned
Not quite the walk I’d originally planned

Saturday was mostly about relaxing and football so it was time to get off my bum and get walking on Sunday. With one eye on the hundred miles a month I knew it had to be a reasonable length walk too, not just a half arsed stroll along Riverside to the Swan and back. Setting myself this challenge has certainly motivated me to get some miles under my belt. There’d been some thinking on the subject and a half baked plan to get a bus to Totton and have a look at the Ealing Tide Mill but when I got up on Sunday morning it was a beautiful sunny day and I decided I’d check out the Navigation instead. It seemed fitting to be swapping the Manchester canals of last Sunday for Mansbridge and the Navigation. Continue reading

The final Saturday

Spring is moving on apace
Spring is moving on apace

Yesterday was my final Saturday. Well not my actually final one ever but the last Saturday I won’t be working. My last chance to laze around eating breakfast while watching soccer Saturday. My last chance to have a leisurely lunch before going off to the football. Continue reading

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